July 5, 2011

Healthy Foods

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Hi. My posts will offer you changes to your diet and will help you to lose weight. I will give you foods to incorporate into your weight loss program  and help you to a healthier lifestyle by eating the proper foods.

I will not go over the changes you need or suggest any particular plan because that information is readily available from many sources. So with that out-of-the-way, GO TAKE A HIKE! No; really , go take a hike. Put on your sweats and put your computer on standby and walk around the block.  Come back and finish reading this post. I will still be here.

A recent research done by Florida state University found that subjects who ate 75 grams of dried apple (about 2 fresh apples) daily lowered their cholesterol levels by 23 percent.  But what you eat is only part of the story . You need to increase your physical activity, and losing 10% of your body weight can boost HDL (good cholesterol) by 20 to 30%.

I know you probably go shopping several times a month and it is better to go grocery shopping when you are not hungry so eat an apple before you go. As a matter of fact, eat as many apples as you want! Everyone needs a little help so check out the link for a healthy lifestyle plus get FREE information on the link.


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