July 19, 2011


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First minute:

The drink lands in your stomach. With no food it enters your bloodstream-to your liver. Now your liver has to work so hard to break down the  alcohol that it puts a hold on other key duties, such as processing calories.

In the next 30 minutes:

The liver converts the liquor into a known carcinogen called acetaldehyde and then breaks it down into acetate, which is a less harmful chemical. Because your liver is overwhelmed, the alcohol backs up in your bloodstream and shoots up to your brain, where it disrupts nerve cells in the hippocampus (which controls memory), the cerebellum ( which controls movement), and the prefrontal cortex (which controls mood).  As a result you may feel relaxed and suddenly charming. You may also feel warm and a bit flushed, thanks to expanded blood vessels in your skin. Now you have a sudden urge to pee. A potent diuretic, alcohol speeds up flow to the bladder. Meanwhile, if your margarita contained triple sec the added sugar content has caused an insulin spike, which may lead to sweating or eating salty foods.

60 minutes later:

The alcohol is neutralized, transformed by your liver from acetate to carbon dioxide (which you breathe out) and water (which you urinate). NOT GONE are the 400-plus calories you took in. With your liver otherwise occupied, your body stored the calories as tryglycerides (a type of fat). They are now tucked away mostly into cells around your abdomen. The unhealthiest  place on your body. So what’s it going to be; a glass of wine or a margarita?

If you are going to drink alcohol with a meal then you should try the Mediterranean diet because it will offer you fewer calories per meal than other diets.  You will find free information that will help you to a healthier lifestyle for staying healthy.

Sources; Sam Zakhari, Ph.D., National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism; Kathleen Melanson, Ph.D., University of Rhode Island. Article by Laura Beil.


July 6, 2011

Foods for Staying Healthy

Hello friend.

You are at my page because you have made a decision to alter your present lifestyle.  In future posts I will give you information that will help you succeed in your endeavor to stay healthy with the proper foods.

As with all plans it will take a certain amount of willingness on  your part and, of course, you will have to excercise some will power. Are you overweight, depressed,  and tired of your present situation? No one can make you follow a diet plan or force you to make the proper decisions concerning your eating habits. If you give a little effort to any plan you will succeed.

I do not advocate or recommend any particular plan but after reviewing the following material I can assure you they will assist you in helping you to find the proper foods  for staying healthy. Choose any of my recommendations or plan your food intake with the thought in mind; I want to get and stay healthy.


As with all diet plans or exercise plans please consult your medical professional.

So your first tasty food is a banana smoothie. If you prefer,  substitute any fruit you like such as; strawberries, peaches, blueberries or all three. It is totally up to you. Dieting can be fun and tasty at the same time. Take a walk around the block.

Success comes before work only in the dictionary!

July 5, 2011

Food Healthy Eating

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Hi there. Glad to see you on this page. I will be giving you information on various foods to help you lose weight and help you to a healthier lifestyle.
You can improve your cholestereol level by eating apples. A recent study by Florida State University found subjects who ate 75 grams of dried apple (about 2 fresh apples ) daily lowered their overall cholesterol levels by 23 percent. Apples contain a fiber called pectin, which may block the absorption of cholesterol. Of course apples alone will not help you to lose weight but they should be incorporated into your diet.
Try this simmple snack:
slice 1 apple into wedges
slice a couple pieces of Gouda cheese
if desired squeeze fresh lemon juice on the apples
sprinkle fresh gound cinnammon on apples.
Don’t forget the plate!

Yum, Yum. Gouda cheese is the healthier choice and I will explain why on the next blog. Remember to not go to the supermarket hungry!

Food For Thought

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Hello friend. Tired of eating all the wrong Foods? Tired of the hype surrounding diets, magic pills, diet plans, diet foods, and on and on and on. I can not offer you magic solutions to your weight gain but I can direct you to the latest information on foods that will help you in your endeavour . Only you can stop that downward spiral! Buy any of the products I have included in this web page and they will help you to lose weight.

There are some free articles and videos you must watch to gain an insight into the proper foods and excercise programs to fit your needs. You have to have a will to succeed in your plans. Challenges can be stepping stones or stumbling blocks. It is how you view them. As with any diet program or weight loss plan please consult with a medical professional.


Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do. Please click on any link to find a solution right for you. In my links I will give you further information on the proper foods to eat and tips on how to lose weight. Only you can do something positive to alter your lifestyle.

Healthy Foods

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Hi. My posts will offer you changes to your diet and will help you to lose weight. I will give you foods to incorporate into your weight loss program  and help you to a healthier lifestyle by eating the proper foods.

I will not go over the changes you need or suggest any particular plan because that information is readily available from many sources. So with that out-of-the-way, GO TAKE A HIKE! No; really , go take a hike. Put on your sweats and put your computer on standby and walk around the block.  Come back and finish reading this post. I will still be here.

A recent research done by Florida state University found that subjects who ate 75 grams of dried apple (about 2 fresh apples) daily lowered their cholesterol levels by 23 percent.  But what you eat is only part of the story . You need to increase your physical activity, and losing 10% of your body weight can boost HDL (good cholesterol) by 20 to 30%.

I know you probably go shopping several times a month and it is better to go grocery shopping when you are not hungry so eat an apple before you go. As a matter of fact, eat as many apples as you want! Everyone needs a little help so check out the link for a healthy lifestyle plus get FREE information on the link.

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